A Ray Of Sunshine In Nagarote

We wanted to share the report that was sent by our Field Director, Miguel Salinas, after the reopening of the Community Center on Monday, July 2nd. 

In Miguel's words "Today everyone was able to get to the Center. The roads in this area of the country are not blocked any longer but, I read today that there are around 100 blockades in other areas- especially in the north. The road from Chinandega-León- Nagarote-Managua is open.

"In Nagarote, since the armed pro-government groups kicked in (I think it was last week) the barricades have come down little by little. Today I didn’t see any barricade in Nagarote. In Léon there are still barricades and many streets can only be accessed by walking. [Every day] the police and pro-government groups take one or two down.. so little by little everything is going to back to 'normal'.

"The protest continues; the last big protest was last Saturday in almost every city. The people marched in protest for the minors murdered in the last 2 months.

"Regarding the negotiations, they continue -but they are closed doors now. 
They have made commissions to discuss different topics and hopefully, make the negotiations move faster in smaller groups. They haven’t released any official communication."

We can all echo the sentiment expressed by one of our original founders and current Trustee, Scott Harris, "It's comforting to know that in the midst of all the chaos and violence in Nica, we continue to build for a more positive and brighter future for the children! Viva!"

Stay tuned...