47 Days Later The People Of Nicaragua Still Have Hope

Since the news of April 18th, when President Daniel Ortega announced increases in social security payments and cuts in benefits, protests and demonstrations have erupted throughout Nicaragua. Simultaneous marches continue to take place in cities across the country as the citizens of Nicaragua are making it clear that they will not be silenced. 

This photo represents the biggest coming-together of Nicaraguan civil society yet. Rural workers rode into the city to march alongside mothers, students, families, and businesspeople. Everyone waved Nicaragua’s blue-and-white national flag and chanted: “They weren’t criminals; they were students!”

We continue to seek to stay aware of daily changes in the lives of the people of Nicaragua and the families in our Project.

Our Field Director, Miguel Salinas sends us daily updates. Yesterday he wrote: 
"Nagarote continues in relative peace despite the events in the bigger cities and the blockade
of the roads. We hope that it continues like that. We have to stay positive that a change is possible with non-violent actions."

It is difficult to find media coverage of the crisis gripping Nicaragua here in America. Amnesty International is a source that has kept providing in-depth journalism.

Here is the link to their website:

Here is the link to a Washington Post article:

The Norwalk/Nagarote Sister City Project proudly continues to stand in solidarity with the people of Nicaragua.