Preschool Program

We are preparing to build a model preschool on our Community Center campus in Nagarote to serve as a lab school for Nagarote’s lowest income toddlers as well as a teacher training center to bring child-centered, age-appropriate early education to the community.

  • Generous donors have committed funding to build two classrooms
  • Our board members, Joan Parris and Priscilla Woyke, Early Education Professors at Norwalk Community College have designed the space and furnishings and will provide the curriculum
  • All graduates of the preschool receive scholarships     (read more...)

youth after school program

Providing 110 teens a bright future through our after school program

  • Gangs eliminated in barrios where we work
  • Teen pregnancy rates much lower among kids on our programs
  • Teaching nutrition through our Healthy Children Program
  • Teaching computer skills, English, nutrition, theater, art, and sewing

Like the slums surrounding many third-world cities, barrio Jeronimo Lopez mushroomed over the past 40 years, as the Nicaraguan economy drove more and more farmers into central Nagarote looking for work, which few found. Shacks were thrown up, trees cut down. It’s a place where most of the 200 families struggle to get by on less than $2 a day, and rice and beans are about all they ever eat.     (read more...)                          

model organic farm

"Seeds of Youth", our model organic farm and tree planting programs improve nutrition and overall health:

  • Growing nutritious produce to improve our kids’ diets
  • Teaching sustainable farming practices  
  • Improving air and soil quality  
  • Our tree nursery has produced more than 20,000 trees   
  • Our Agro-ecologist provides workshops on the impact of climate change

The youngsters have named our Model Sustainable Farm the "Seeds of Youth." It began with an Urban Reforestation Project, morphed into a community garden and then into a small laboratory farm for sustainable agricultural practices, with the help of a grant from The International Foundation.      (read more...)                

community center

In 2011, thanks to a very generous donor we purchased a large piece of land in central Nagarote and build a beautiful community center which includes offices, classrooms, a kitchen and a meeting room.      (read more...)


N/NSCP’s scholarship program from first grade through college helps Nagarote’s most disadvantaged children break out of the cycle of poverty through education.

  • 84 elementary and high school scholarship students providing books, uniforms, shoes, school supplies and tutoring for public school  students 
  • 22 college scholarship students
  •  All college scholarship students engage in community service activities

Families living on $2/day can ill afford to send their children to school, especially when they have several children. Our scholarships have made it possible for more than 600 children to gain an education. Six of our scholarship students have completed college and are now working for us.    


We work closely with the Ministry of Education to identify elementary school children who need academic support.

  • Our staff of college graduate tutors meets with these students four hours each week in small groups going over homework, strengthening basic skills and playing educational games.  Each student is evaluated by our staff psychologist for learning capabilities.
  • We provide fresh fruit from our farm for the tutoring sessions and take the children on field trips.      (read more...)