An Overview of Our Work

N/NSCP is a 32 year partnership between the people of Nagarote, Nicaragua and the Greater Area of Norwalk, Connecticut. We focus our work in the city of Nagarote on the children and youth in the extremely disadvantaged neighborhoods of Jerónimo López, Tomás Martínez, and Marvin Palacios. Additionally, we provide scholarships for students from throughout the city of Nagarote.

The city of Nagarote, Nicaragua with Mombotombo volcano.

The city of Nagarote, Nicaragua with Mombotombo volcano.

Our Programs in Nagarote

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After School Programs for Teens

We provide 110 youth marketable skills and a brighter future through our teen after school programming. Students can take classes in computers, dance, English, guitar, hair styling, healthy cooking and food prep, martial arts, sewing, tailoring, crafting, and soccer.

Scholarship Program

Our scholarships have made it possible for more than 600 children to gain an education. We currently sponsor students in first grade all the way up through college.



& Training Center

We are in the process of building a model preschool on our Community Center Campus in Nagarote. The preschool will serve as a lab school for Nagarote’s lowest income toddlers as well as a teacher training center.



We work closely with the Ministry of Education to identify elementary school children who need academic support and we provide tutoring, healthy snacks, and activities for 60 children at-risk of failing to support their development. Last year 92% passed to the next grade.

Model Farm

Our Seeds of Youth model organic farm serves as a learning lab for our youth and area farmers who want to learn sustainable farming methods. We harvested more than 5,000 pounds of produce in 2017, and gave more than a ton of the produce to the local maternity shelter, Casa Materna.



We built and maintain a Community Center Campus in the heart of Nagarote to provide a safe haven for the children and youth that we serve and a home for our programming.