Projects in Nicaragua

We have chosen to focus our work in Nagarote, Nicaragua on the youth in the extremely disadvantaged neighborhoods of Jerónimo López and Marvin Palacios, where our community center is located. We also support scholarships for students throughout the city of Nagarote. Read on for an overview of some of our projects and programs.

Jerónimo López Preschool

Since N/NSCP got involved, enrollment at the preschool in Jerónimo López, a neighborhood of Nagarote, has grown from 5 to 53 students. We our proud of our preschool graduates and are pleased to provide them with scholarships so that they can continue their education in the public school system.

Model Preschool & Teacher Training Center

We are in the process of building a model preschool on our Community Center Campus in Nagarote. The preschool will serve as a lab school for Nagarote’s lowest income toddlers as well as a teacher training center to bring child-centered, age-appropriate early education to the community.

The Community Center Campus

This is the beautiful Community Center that we built. The facility includes offices, classrooms, a kitchen, and one meeting room.

Youth After School Program

We provide 110 teens a brighter future through our after school programming. Students can take classes in computers, martial arts, dance, nutrition, sewing, guitar, baking/cooking, cosmetology and hair styling.

Tree Nursery & Model Farm

Following the success of our tree nursery, we converted a four-acre property in Nagarote into a model sustainable farm. The children named the farm "Seeds of Youth". 

As part of the sustainable farm project, we set up irrigation, contour beds, and an orchard with a variety of fruit trees. The farm is now used to demonstrate sustainable agriculture methods to the youth in our programs and to local farmers who have expressed an interest. 

During a two year period, teens from our programs harvested more than one ton of fresh produce. The produce that our teens take home supplements their meager diets of rice and beans.

The Scholarship Program

Our scholarships have made it possible for more than 600 children to gain an education. Six of our scholarship students have completed college and are now working for us. Two have gone on to become mayoral candidates for the city of Nagarote.

The Tutoring Program

We work closely with the Ministry of Education to identify elementary school children who need academic support. Our staff of college graduate tutors then meet with those students four hours each week in small groups to go over homework, strengthen basic skills, and play educational games. Each student is evaluated by our staff psychologist for learning capabilities. We also provide fresh fruit from our farm for the tutoring sessions and take the children on field trips.