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N/NSCP is a 32-year-old partnership between Norwalk, Connecticut in the U.S. and Nagarote, Nicaragua in Central America. Citizens from these two cities came together in 1986 to discuss concerns regarding the situation in Nicaragua. Ever since then, we have been collaborating and are changing lives for the better, in Nicaragua and the U.S.

Thanks to our dedicated team in both countries and the generous support of people from the Greater Norwalk area, each year we expand access to education in Nagarote. As a result, N/NSCP continues to play a critical role in breaking the cycle of poverty in Nicaragua, one of the poorest countries in the world.

Please join us in supporting N/NSCP's sustainable development initiatives Nagarote so that future generations may enjoy peace and prosperity.

What’s Happening in Nicaragua Now?

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News & Updates

Our Programs in Nagarote, Nicaragua:

The story of how N/NSCP came to be...


A shot video about the history of N/NSCP and its impact in Nagarote, Nicaragua.


A Message From The Mayor:

The Greater Norwalk area has demonstrated its caring support through service to the Nagarote community and generous donations by individuals and area businesses, and as a result of this generous support, an entire barrio has seen a sharp drop in drug and alcohol abuse, the elimination of teen gangs and a significantly reduced rate of teen pregnancy, and hundreds of severely disadvantaged Nagarote children have been able to attend school with scholarships from preschool through college.
— Harry Rilling, Mayor of Norwalk, CT

Some Highlights From 2017:


New PreschooL

We raised $100,000 to build a model preschool and began the construction. Look how far we've come!


We made it possible for 106 primary and secondary school students to continue their education.

Organic Farm

We harvested 5,006 pounds of fresh produce at our model organic farm and increased access to nutritious foods.


College Fair

We held Nagarote's first-ever college fair and 197 people explored paths to higher education.