The Norwalk/Nagarote Sister City Project (N/NSCP) is a 33 year partnership between the people of Nagarote, Nicaragua, and the Greater Norwalk Area of Connecticut, focusing on sustainable community development and breaking the cycle of poverty for the most disadvantaged children and youth in Nagarote.



latest source of pride

Completion of a new preschool building in Nagarote


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What’s Happening in Nicaragua Now?

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Our Programs in Nagarote, Nicaragua:

Some Highlights From 2017:

New PreschooL

We raised $100,000 to build a model preschool. Look how far we've come!


We made it possible for 106 primary and secondary school students to continue their education.

Organic Farm

We harvested 5,006 pounds of fresh produce at our model organic farm and increased access to nutritious foods.


College Fair

We held Nagarote's first-ever college fair and 197 people explored paths to higher education.