political unrest

Hope for The Future of Nicaragua

Although the political unrest continues in Nicaragua, daily life in Nagarote is relatively calm so, it is safe for the children to come to our Community Center. Our programs are operating and our Community Center remains open to all. In these difficult times for the children and our staff, it is crucial that we provide stability and continuity. They need our support now more than ever. 

Smiles and Fun in Nagarote

Miguel Salinas, our Field Director and the staff recently organized a recreational activity day to celebrate Mother's, Father's and Teacher's Day. Normally they hold this celebration in June but, due to the unrest, they decided to wait until things felt safe. It is one of the few moments in the year when the staff can get together for a non-work related activity.

It is wonderful to see the staff all together enjoying a meal at a restaurant in Nagarote and having a much-needed break from the stress and problems from the past three months of the political crisis in the country.

What a difference a day can make!